Ma Vernithèque

Voici ma petite collection de vernis :

Les Noirs et Gris
N°275 "Black" / N°646 Sugar Mat "Starry Back" / N°380 "Medium Grey"/ N°400 Holographique "Steel Grey" / N°616 Mirror "Silver" /
Les Verts
N°391 "Grass Green" / N°268 "Lime Green" / N°423 Celebration "Pearly Peacock" / N°388 "Caribbean Green" /
Les Bleus
N°422 "Mint Green" / N°625 Mirror "Emerald"/ N°401 Holographique "Peacock Green" / N°637 Sugar Mat "Turquoise" / N°341 "Cobalt Green" / N°300 "Pearly Malachite Green" / N°428 Sun Pearl "River Green" / N°389 "Mint Milk" / N°340 "Light Blue" / N°336 "Electric Blue" / N°429 Sun Pearl "Blue Spot" / N°295 "Cerulean Blue"
Les Violets
N°704 Magnetic "Purple" / N°260 "Metallic Pink Microglitter" / N°245 "Pearly Dark Ruby" / N°255 "Violet Microglitter" / N°278 "Violet Orchid Microglitter" / N°339 "Cornflower" / N°338 "Light Lavender" / N°330 "Lilac"

Les Roses
N°618 Mirror "Orchid Pink" / N°642 Sugar Mat "Hot Pink" / N°376 "Candy Pink" / N°417 Celebration "Blush"

Les Rouges
N°240 "Apple Red" / N°602 Rock Top "True Red" / N°430 Sun Pearl "Chili Pepper Red"

Les Oranges et Jaunes
N°419 Celebration "Coral Red" / N°357 "Bright Orange" / N°279 "Yellow" / N°359 "Light Peach" / N°639 Sugar Mat "Golden Mandarin"

Les Ors et Cuivres
N°425 Celebration "Liquid Gold" / N°426 Celebration "Satin Taupe"

Les Paillettes :
N°271 "Sparkle T. Silver Multicolour"

N°242 "Where's my Chauffeur ?" / N°224 "Lights" / N°17 "Muchi Muchi" / N°35 "China Doll" / N°240 "We're in it together" / N°221 "Fear & Desire" / N°1 "Blanc"

"Tomorrow never dies" / "Eiffel for this Color" / "The World is not Enough" / "Pink Yet Lavender"
So Lacque N°04 "Amande défilé" / So Lacque N°06 "Adora-Bleu" / So Lacque N°08 "Peach and Love"


Picture Polish

Models Own
NP133 "Indian Ocean" / NP164 "Mermaid Tears" / NP153 "Apple Pie" / NP150 "Blueberry Muffin" / NP152 "Grape Juice"

Peggy Sage
N°392 "Mystic Violine"

Deborah Lippmann
Across the Universe

Gloss & Shock Power N°217

Color Play N°173 / Color Play N°77

Deborah Milano
Fluo N°43 "Fushia"

"Sparkling Silver" / "Antique Gold" / "Super Red" / "Je t'aime" / "Glam Gold" / "Sparkling Glitter" / "Glam Glitter" / "Super Glitter"

Color Show "Pow Green" / Color Show N°184 "Light Wave"

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